Slice of Life

Stacey Shubitz, fourth grade teacher in Central Falls, Rhode Island, was reading one of her student’s writer’s notebooks one day and came across a story about his sister’s lost necklace. Christian wrote an entire story about the outrage he felt when his mother made the entire family drop everything to search the apartment for his sister’s lost necklace. After thirty minutes of turning over couch cushions, checking under beds, and ruffling through drawers, the necklace was discovered on his sister’s neck. There was something about his entry though, that gave insight into a “slice” of Christian’s life.

Stacey googled “slice of life” and found that it is a term used frequently in literature and entertainment. Its purpose: to describe everyday experiences with as much realism as possible. Stacey realized that was exactly the kind of story Christian had written, and the experience gave Stacey an idea – she could use “slice of life” stories to inspire her fourth grade students. From this experience began the “Slice of Life” Story Challenge (SOLSC).

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